Featuring TRX Fitness Training!!!!


Be Well was founded in 2009 by Tina Ray. Originally, occupational therapy was the main focus. As Tina's patients rehabbed their injuries and became stronger many requested sessions on personal training.

TRX suspension training was just becoming popular and Tina saw the benefits first hand when her patients began to lose weight, get stronger, and no longer needed therapy. The beauty of TRX is that it can be enjoyed by all fitness levels and can be modified for people with disabilities.

Be Well provides many opportunities to meet your fitness needs. Our studios offer TRX suspension training, Barre Fitness classes, Pilates, Spinning, U-Jam, Boot Camp, and Cardio Boxing.

Today's Classes

Spinning 6:00 AM
TRX 8:00 AM
TRX Express 9:15 AM
TRX 10:00 AM
TRX 6:00 PM


Starting May 9th, the instructors from the Jeffersonville Be Well studio will be teaming up with Workout Industries (2669 Charlestown Rd.) in New Albany to offer several group fitness classes! Stay tuned for the schedule!
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